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    A staple for NCOs and Officers alike. This essential reference has been thoroughly updated with the latest need-to-know information for NCOs. This is the 10th edition and now includes 16 full-color pages of medals and badges.

    This guide provides a great overview of what is expected from a noncommissioned officer and educational material to develop a basic knowledge of the NCO. This is a wonderful desktop reference and a must have for NCO's.

    • Leading Soldiers in Peace and War
    • Training Soldiers
    • Professional Development
    • Military Courtesy and Traditions
    • Assignments
    • Pay and Entitlements
    • Uniforms and Decorations
    • Education
    • Personal Affairs
    • Administration
    • Physical Fitness
    • Promotions

    Contents include:

    1. Role of the NCO
    2. NCO responsibilities
    3. Leadership
    4. Training Soldiers and yourself
    5. Quick Reference Material
    6. And much more


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