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    Starting with basic airmanship and progressing to drone employment in the field and equipment the drone operator should carry with them, this manual goes into detail about adapting drones for payload delivery, and commonsense tools for successful mission completion. “Necessity is the mother of invention”; Advancements made in sUAV design from the start of the war in 2022 to the summer of 2023, prove the pivotal role drones are playing in the Russo-Ukrainian war and the role they will undoubtedly play in both humanitarian and military missions in the future.

    This book was compiled and created by the author between the late Spring and Winter of 2022, while advising Ukrainian ground forces in drone piloting and operations. The author’s intention was to create a framework and foundation for a much needed standardized training program for drone operators serving in Ukraine.

    • Lift and Weight
    • Thrust and Drag
    • Stability and Control
    • Stalling
    • Gliding
    • Helicopter Principles
    • Drone Employment and Organization
    • Meteorology
    • Geography, Communications, & Modifications
    • Patterns of Flight: Offensive & Defensive
    • Equipment, Drone Maintenance, Pre-Flight Checks
    • Navigation

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