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    The ambush is one of the most commonly practiced but least understood tactical skills in the modern U.S. military. The reason for this is partially due to the U.S. Army’s decision to use small unit tactical scenarios or “lanes” as the basis for most leadership training in doctrinal schoolhouses across the Army, which requires simplifying tactical tasks like the ambush so they are easy to perform and evaluate.

    In contrast to the way most military personnel have experienced ambush tactics in typical schoolhouse training, the actual art of ambush tactics is extremely broad and complex. Infantry and special operations forces have been developing and enhancing ambush techniques for centuries. Most recently, U.S. Special Operations Forces in Vietnam developed extensive experience conducting ambushes while fighting against a highly skilled enemy. Many of these Vietnam-era warriors had the benefit of being able to learn from senior leaders who fought against the Japanese and Germans in World War II.

    This book aims to help fill the gap left in modern military doctrine and training by offering a simple and clear discussion of the more advanced ambush techniques that were learned in blood during World War II and Vietnam, as well as more modern tactics developed by infantry and special operations forces during the global war on terror. This book covers a variety of subjects including…

    •    Ambush planning considerations
    •    Ambush types and formations including V, L, Z, Y and X-Shape ambushes
    •    Emplacing security positions
    •    Kill zone development and Claymore employment
    •    Hasty ambush, far ambush and area ambush techniques
    •    Tactical use of terrain
    •    Ambush battlecraft and combat scenarios

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