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    Compatible with Windows PCs only. Mac OS not supported.

    Important Notice, Read Before Buying: Examples contained within the software are "general form" types of counseling. Professional Growth, Performance, and Event Oriented configurations of the counseling form are currently not supported.

    The following items are included with this product:

    This bundle includes all 3 volumes of the Counsel Quick Series, and Award Quick

    Counsel Quick

    Counsel Quick is a series of software programs designed to help Army leaders prepare for counseling sessions. Each volume contains pre-formatted counseling statements you can use to fill DA FORM 4856 effectively and grow your subordinates.

    The program contains counseling templates in Microsoft Word and Lotus Forms Viewer that are pre-formatted and fully editable. The software also contains other guidance such as references and examples that pertain to each subject. The integrated counseling tracker database and notepad help you make tracking daily events and counseling history easier. Counsel Quick is updated regularly and owners of the software receive free updates over the internet.

    Counseling Examples included in each Volume:

    Counsel Quick Volume 1

    • Borderline APFT prior to NCOES
    • Borderline Overweight Prior to NCOES
    • Borderline Overweight Unit Weigh In
    • Diagnostic APFT Failure
    • Excess Leave
    • Extended Travel Pass
    • Failure to Report
    • Family Care Plan (Initial)
    • Family Care Plan (Invalid)
    • Family Care Plan (Valid)
    • Fully Eligible Not Recommended for Promotion (SGT/SSG)
    • Indebtedness
    • Initial Counseling NCO
    • Initial Counseling PVT-SPC
    • Initial Overweight Counseling
    • Monthly Performance Counseling PVT-SPC
    • Quarterly Performance Counseling NCO
    • Monthly Overweight (Satisfactory)
    • Monthly Overweight (Unsatisfactory)
    • Warrior Leaders Course Counseling
    • Pregnancy Counseling
    • Pregnancy Election Statement
    • Promotion Counseling
    • Reception and Integration
    • Record APFT Failure
    • Request for Tuition Assistance
    • Safety Counseling
    • Standard Derogatory (Magic Statement)
    • Fully Eligible / Not Recommended for Promotion


    Counsel Quick Volume 2

    • 3-4 Day Pass Business Card
    • AWOL
    • AWOL Letter Home
    • AWOL Point Paper
    • Cease Contact Order
    • Domestic Violence
    • DUI
    • Failure to Conduct Risk Assessment
    • Government Travel Card (Initial Counseling)
    • Government Travel Card (Misuse of)
    • GT Improvement
    • Improper or Inappropriate Relationship
    • Indebtedness
    • Initiate or Transfer Flag
    • Job Well Done Counseling
    • Leave Request
    • Leave Safety Pledge
    • Letter Home Counseling
    • Letter Home Example
    • Lift Flag Action
    • Marriage Counseling
    • Monthly Performance Counseling
    • Off Duty Employment Approved
    • Off Duty Employment Disapproved
    • Protective Order
    • Under Age Drinking

    Counsel Quick Volume 3

    • Bar to Reenlistment
    • Corrective Training
    • Disapproval of Good Conduct Medal
    • Disrespect
    • Drunk on Duty
    • Emergency Leave
    • Failure to Utilize Chain of Command
    • Hazing
    • Late for Appointment
    • Letters of Reprimand
    • Loss of ID Card
    • Loss of ID Tags
    • Loss or Damage to Govt. Property
    • Missed Appointments
    • Motorcycle Safety
    • Negligent Weapons Discharge
    • Off Limit Areas/Establishments
    • Overweight Appearance
    • Redeployment Safety Briefing
    • Special Leave Accrual
    • Substance Abuse
    • Under Minimum Weight Standards
    • Weight Control

    Award Quick: US Army Award Preparation Software

    Award Quick is a software program that assists in the preparation of US Army awards by providing the user with award recommendation guidelines, word combinations, phrases, examples, resources, DA Forms, and innovative writing tools.

    Rater Quick: NCOER and OER Preparation Software
    Rater Quick contains the latest forms, examples, and references you'll need to quickly compose and manage professional looking NCO and Officer Evaluation Reports all in one easy to use program. This is by far the most up to date, easiest to use, and most comprehensive NCOER/OER program available anywhere!
    This software is licensed for authorized use by 1 user, on 1 computer at any given time.

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