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    The Survival Guide Bundle
    This bundle includes our best survival guides, and is intended to provide you the most essential survival guidance that you could ask for. In addition to general survival knowledge, this bundle also arms you with advanced land navigation and field medicine techniques.

    This bundle includes:

    SERE Survival Handbook

    The Survival, Escape, Resistance, and Evasion (SERE) courses are some of the most arduous courses in the U.S. military. Compiled from official military SERE publications, this guide provides you with critical and time-tested skills you will need to overcome the risks and challenges associated with survival.

    Whether you’re a hiker or an experienced survivalist, this handbook has a place in your library. From building primitive shelters, to medicinal plants, this guide provides you with critical survival tips and instructions that will keep you alive and safe under the most extreme conditions

    This handbook arms you and your family with time tested survival knowledge used in one of the world’s premier SERE schools.

    Contains Guidance For:

    • Survival in different climate conditions
    • Maintaining morale and mental wellbeing
    • Survival medicine and medicinal plants
    • Adapting to weather and your environment
    • Building shelter to protect you from the elements
    • Using essential survival equipment
    • The most essential survival equipment and how to use it
    • Securing and sanitizing water

    Ranger Medic Handbook

    The Ranger Medic Handbook is a comprehensive guide that is used by the Ranger battalion to treat and care for the wounded. It is a comprehensive guide designed to ensure the best possible care for our Soldiers on the battlefield.
    This manual was compiled b y Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields.
    A perfect guide for Combat Medics, Combat Lifesavers, and Soldiers that want to become proficient in emergency medical protocol.

    Learn what to treat first and how to treat it
    Never get caught off guard with a medical emergency
    Become the Medical Subject Matter Expert in your unit

    Some of the protocols taught Include:

    • Tactical Triage
    • Tactical Trauma Assessment
    • Hemorrhage Management
    • Blast Injury Assessment
    • Seizure Management
    • Patient Evacuation Handoff
    • CBRN Protocols
    • Burn Protocols
    • Behavioral Emergency Management
    • Field Pharmacy Protocols
    • How to Treat Various Viral and Bacterial Infections
    • Sports Medicine
    • Canine Medicine
    • Medical Planning Procedures
    • Casualty Collection Point
    • Hazardous Training Medical Coverage
    • Packing Lists
    • Associated References
    • And Much Much More!

    Land Nav: Basic to Advanced
    In today’s world, Soldiers rely heavily on their GPS. What are you going to do if you run out of batteries or the satellites go down? You better know how to use a map and compass. Land Navigation is the skill that sets apart the Army’s elite Soldiers from the average Soldiers.

    Unfortunately, the Army doesn’t do a very good job of teaching land navigation. This book will be your ultimate trainer. Whether you just want to improve your navigation skills for hunting and hiking or you aspire to attend the Army’s toughest schools and selection courses, this is the book for you.

    The skills in this book range from basic to advanced. The “Basic” section of the book covers the fundamentals and basic skills necessary to be able to navigate. Much of that information is also found in FM’s and Soldier’s Manuals, which are very few in print these days with everything being digital. The “Advanced” section covers field expedient methods, route planning as well as tips and tricks and a section on the Ranger School Land Nav course and the SFAS Land Nav course.

    The contributors to this book were Ranger Instructors, Special Forces, and a 1st SFOD-D officer. They completed many Army land nav courses including the most difficult land nav tests the Army has to offer. I think you’ll find their insight helpful and useful. If you apply what is in this book you will be the best Soldier at Land Nav in your unit and won’t have any problem with basic and advanced course land nav tests, EIB land nav, or Ranger, SFAS, and Delta Selection. Make your own luck!


    • Basics
    • Distance
    • Grid Coordinates
    • Locate your position
    • Use a compass
    • Azimuth Conversion
    • Navigate
    • Field Expedient Methods for Direction
    • Map Folding
    • Tips & Tricks
    • Ranger/SF School

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