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    Do you want to get Promoted as soon as possible? Make sure you purchase this bundle of 3 awesome promotion books to get you ready!


    The Board Master contains the most frequently asked questions by Army boards. Don't waste your time studying hundreds of questions that boards DON'T ASK. This study guide includes 21 subjects, and 650 questions, including over 100 New ADP/ADRP questions!

    Mastering Army Boards is a comprehensive board study guide. This guide aims to cover everything you might need to know and contains over 160 topics, and approximately 4,000 questions! Prepare yourself for Promotion Boards, Soldier/NCO of the Quarter/Year, Sergeant Audie Murphy, and Sergeant Morales Boards.

    Smoking the Board is a helpful companion to Mastering Army Boards. This convenient pocket guide contains the same subjects as Mastering Army Boards, but is narrowed down to the questions that are most likely to be asked by an Army board, allowing you to focus your studying while on-the-go!

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