Article 15's: A Comprehensive Guide for Soldiers and Leaders Article 15's: A Comprehensive Guide for Soldiers and Leaders

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    Don’t Show Up to Your Article 15 Hearing UNPREPARED!

    Learn the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Concerning Article 15s.


    • Extracts from AR 27-10
    • Lessons Learned
    • Author Notes
    • Checklists
    • Script for Article 15 proceedings – Know what the process is and what to expect during the initial reading and hearing.

    Have you been recommended for an Article 15?

    • Do you:
      • Know your rights?
      • How to prepare for your hearing?
      • Do you know the regulation and its requirements?
    • Learn about:

      • Matters of Mitigation / Extenuation
      • Types of Punishment
      • Announcement of Punishment
      • Vacation of Suspensions
      • Clemency
      • Statute of Limitation
      • Opened vs Closed Hearings
      • Requesting a Rehabilitative Transfer
    • Contains the following Checklists:
      • Article 15 Process Overview
      • Soldier Pre-Article 15 Preparation
      • Requesting a Rehabilitative Transfer
      • Soldier Risk Reduction
      • Appeal Preparation
      • Potential Witness Questions
      • Leader’s Checklist for Soldiers Before Article 15 Initial Reading
      • Leader’s Checklist for Soldiers After Article 15 Hearing

    Sample Memorandums Include:

    • Request for 48 hours Notification of Hearing and List of Individuals to Appear at My Hearing
    • Sample Soldier Statement to the Commander
    • Sample Witness Statement
    • Sample Appeal
    • Request for Rehabilitative Transfer

    Learn Tactics and Techniques designed to get the chain of command to reconsider using the Article 15 process.

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