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    This bundle provides two guides to help you excel as a Battle Staff NCO. Learn the key roles and responsibilities of staff operations, and how delegate tasks effectively. Understand the Operational Environment, influence command decisions, and shape the fight!

    Lessons Learned: Battalion/Brigade Staff

    Is this your 1st Battalion/Brigade Staff assignment? Have you served on Battalion/Brigade previously? Then Lessons Learned Battalion/Brigade Staff is for you!

    Lessons Learned in Battalion/Brigade Staff is a no nonsense, methodical approach to BATTLE STAFF OPERATIONS. This guide helps you zero in on the important aspects of being a leader in the world of Staff operations. Knowing doctrine is not enough. You must know how, when, and where to apply it.

    You can only do that by understanding someone else’s mistakes! Lessons Learned in Battalion/Brigade Staff does just that by applying real world lessons learned.

    Battle Staff NCO Handbook: Lessons and Best Practices

    The Role of the Battle Staff is critical to achieve mission success in a counterinsurgency environment. Battle staff NCOs perform a multitude of vital roles and functions in the tactical operations center and command post. They are the principal managers of battle tracking, which supports the timely analysis and processing of plans and orders, and they continually adapt these plans and orders to counter the threat. Full-spectrum warfare presents many challenges for the brigade combat team (BCT) and battalion-level staffs. Battle staffs must plan for and conduct multiple military operations simultaneously in their respective areas of operation. On any given day, units may be conducting stability operations in one sector, while engaging in small-unit fights in another. As a battle staff NCO you must take an active part in the planning and executing of all types of military operations. Apply the lessons learned in contained this handbook, and you will excel in your role as a battle staff NCO.

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