Career Progression Guide for Soldiers

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    The purpose of this book is to provide soldiers with the tools necessary to manage their own military career progression and professional development. To a large extent, they are the master of their own careers. Unfortunately for most soldiers, very little information or assistance is available at the unit level on career management and progression. It often takes years of Army experience before a soldier can somewhat effectively manage his or her career. At that point, it often becomes obvious that a lack of knowledge has cost a soldier dearly. This guide can aid the soldier at every step of professional development and career progression. You can benefit from this guide regardless of rank.

    Fully Updated with the latest promotion policies and career development information, practical advice, and proven techniques for soldiers wanting to advance to and through the NCO ranks: Promotions from private through specialist/corporal, Promotions to sergeant and staff sergeant, Senior NCO promotions, Commissioning opportunities, Importance of educational programs, Examples of success, Overcoming obstacles, Setting and achieving goals. Plus sample letters, military forms, and tables explaining promotion points and educational credits.

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