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    Give your Soldiers the Evaluations they Deserve!

    Rater Quick

    Rater Quick contains the latest forms, examples, and references you'll need to quickly compose and manage professional looking NCO and Officer Evaluation Reports all in one easy to use program. This is by far the most up to date, easiest to use, and most comprehensive NCOER/OER program available anywhere!

    • Over 1200 cut and paste NCOER/OER bullet examples categorized by value and competency!
    • Contains guidance from Senior NCO's and Officers that you won't find in any regulation or manual!
    • Provides Counseling Examples and Supporting Counseling Guidance
    • NEW! Guidance and Resources for Commanders Inquiries:
    • NEW! Guidance for Appeals
    • NEW! Guidance for Relief for Cause

    Software Compatible with Windows PCs only. Mac OS not supported.

    Important Notice, Read Before Buying: Counseling examples contained within the software are "general form" types of counseling. Professional Growth, Performance, and Event Oriented configurations of the counseling form are currently not supported.

    The Evaluator

    This is the most updated and comprehensive guide on the market, fully updated with the latest regulation. Provides an overview of the regulation, citing paragraphs and page numbers in the regulation, over 1,000 NCOER bullet comments for all portions of the NCOER broken down by competence, physical fitness, leadership, training, responsibility/accountability, values.

    This book will teach you:

    • How to conduct an NCOER counseling (Includes a counseling checklist)
    • How to properly fill out an NCOER form (DA FORM 2166-8)
    • Techniques for writing bullets
    • Numerous sources that will assist in the preparing of an NCOER counseling and evaluation
    • How to appeal to an NCOER (Includes an Appeal Checklist)
    • Suggestions on Relief for Cause NCOER (Includes items to consider concerning Relief actions)
    • The answers to frequently asked questions
    • How to prepare fair, accurate, and just NCOERs.

    Appraisals, Ratings, and Reviews

    Appraisals, Ratings &Reviews for Servicemembers and Civilians is an excellent investment for those who are charged with the responsibility to craft employee evaluations. ARR outlines a methodology for evaluating your workers and contains a bounty of example bullet comments. These examples are organized into 33 subject areas and they address all levels of performance.

    Not only does this book cover everything you need to know about evaluations, but it also includes information about punctuation, numbers, and homonyms so you do not have to stop what you are doing to consult a cryptic style guide. Simply open the table of contents and flip directly to the information you need. What is the difference—if any—between an em dash and an en dash? Did you know that a suit may have been well made, but it is a well-made suit? A level of proficiency with the written word is expected of all leaders in a professional setting.

    Effective Phrases for Performance Appraisals

    For 45 years, Effective Phrase for Performance Appraisals has been the guide of choice for managers writing employee evaluations. As a manager, its your duty to your duty to provide your employees with quality feedback, and that means writing the performance evaluations your employees deserve.
    This guide is designed to help the appraiser in selecting phrases and words that accurately describe a broad range of critical rating factors.

    The phrases contained in this handbook are extremely positive and reflect superior performance. Negative phrases are not included in order to avoid redundancy. Verbs and and other wording can simply be substituted to place emphasis on the need for improvement.

    This guide has been purchased by over 2 million users in over 19 countries including individuals, associations, corporations, consultants, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies', libraries, hospitals, departments of the government and military personnel around the world.

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