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    The platoon leader and platoon sergeant are two of the most important leaders in the U.S. Army. As a team, these leaders drive the success or failure of companies, battalions, brigades, and divisions.

    Platoon Leaders and Sergeants represent the leading edge of leadership. These leaders empower squad leaders, integrate external resources, and use troop leading procedures to prepare their platoon for combat operations. They coach, teach, train, lead, and mentor their Soldiers.

    World-wide, platoon leaders and sergeants are personally leading the U.S. Army at the lowest level. This guide helps prepare the platoon leader and sergeant for one of the most demanding positions in the Army. Solid platoon level leadership ensures the U.S. Army is prepared to fight and win our nation’s wars.

    About This Handbook

    This handbook consists of five chapters and two appendices:

    Chapter 1 - Leadership, discusses leadership at the platoon level for PLs and PSGs. It includes information on how to empower squad leaders, counsel subordinates, and how PLs and PSGs manage their noncommissioned officer (NCO)/Officer relationship and dutiees.

    Chapter 2 - Platoon Training, discusses platoon training such as how to train and prepare Soldiers for collective training and the planning and resourcing of platoon training events.

    Chapter 3 - Knowledge, outlines knowledge a PL and PSG need to prepare their unit for success. It discusses how to maintain platoon equipment, manage property, build cohesion, deal with discipline, and contribute to a company’s family readiness program.

    Chapter 4 - Execution, discusses the platoon’s actions during execution. It includes how to plan using troop-leading procedures, lead a patrol, integrate enablers, and leverage after action reviews to improve the platoon.

    Chapter 5 - Vignettes, consists of platoon vignettes that discuss situations encountered by leaders. They are designed for use as part of leader development discussions. Young leaders may deal with these situations during their first 100 days.

    Note: Throughout this handbook is a series of color-coded boxes containing lessons learned and best practices. Throughout this handbook is a series of color-coded boxes containing lessons learned and best practices.

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