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    You only get ONE SHOT at a Commander’s Inquiry so it better be right the first time!

    This book was prepared by Subject Matter Experts who have prepared and help prepare numerous Commander’s and Commandant Inquiries.

    We have taken the guess work out of filing a Written Commander’s/Commandant’s Inquiry report. Everything you need to file an inquiry for an NCOER, OER, or AER is contained in this book!


    • How to develop and write a Commander’s/Commandant Inquiry
    • How to stop your evaluation report from being entered into your official record during the inquiry
    • The primary purpose of the Commander’s Inquiry
    • How to defend your ascertains and claims of injustice/unfairness
    • The procedures that must be followed
    • The do’s and don’ts of a Commander’s Inquiry
    • What happens upon completion of the inquiry
    • How to handle an unreasonable rating official
    • The possible reasons for filing a Commander’s Inquiry

    Lessons Learned:

    • How to write a Commander’s Inquiry
    • How to write a letter of support
    • Possible outcomes of the Commander’s Inquiry
    • Getting rid of your emotions
    • Defending your claim
    • Smart rating techniques


    • Commander’s/Commandant’s inquiry checklist
    • Sample Commander’s/Commandant’s inquiry letter
    • Sample 3rd party witness statement
    • Sample Commander’s determination letter supporting Soldier’s claim
    • Sample Commander’s determination letter supporting rating chain’s evaluation

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