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    NEW SERIES! The Lesson's Learned series is created by experts in their field sharing their knowledge and experience. Gain the edge in your Military career, and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls.

    Includes all Lessons Learned Guides: Leadership, Battlefield Deception, Time Management

    Lessons Learned: Leadership—From the School of Hard Knocks

    Answers to 122 of the most asked and misunderstood leadership questions


    • How should I conduct corrective training? (the ins and out of corrective training)
    • Can you record a counseling session?
    • Can you order a Soldier to sign a counseling statement?
    • How do you tell your side of the story in a counseling session?
    • Should you refuse to sign a counseling statement?
    • Can a Soldier Be Required to Sign a Counseling Statement While on Medication?
    • How should you deal with Toxic Leadership?
    • Does the assessment portion of the counseling form have to be filled out for the counseling statement to be complete?
    • Can a leader order me to make coffee or go get their food?
    • Can I inspect a Soldier’s off post living quarters?
    • How Do I Correct a Soldier Who Has Poor Hygiene?

    Lessons Learned: Battlefield Deception

    A MUST READ for all unit leaders! A quick and insightful compilation of vignettes taken from history. Perfect for educating leaders during professional development sessions. Explore military deception through the venerable lenses of Sun Tzu, Carl von Clausewitz to Norman Schwarzkopf.

    These engaging vignettes provide brief but compelling glimpses into the genius and tragedy of wits and wills put to the ultimate test. Learn to incorporate deception into your tactics.

    Lessons Learned: Time Management for Success

    There’s never enough of it, and its always ticking away. Time can be your worst enemy, or your greatest asset. Transform your busy day into an effective schedule. Avoid distractions, organize your schedule, and delegate your workflow with effective and tested strategies.

    Maybe you don’t have enough time, or maybe you’re just not using it effectively. If you feel like you never have enough time on your hands, this guide provides tips and tricks and covers areas you would never think apply to time management. An excellent tool for any Soldier or Leader.

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