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    Don’t Make the Same Mistakes others Have Made in the Past!

    Become the Counseling Subject Matter Expert in Your Unit! With over 80 years of combined Leadership Experience—Learn from our Panel of Senior Army Subject Matter Experts (Officer & Enlisted) Who Have Been There and Done That!

    This unique guide contains mentoring guidance provided by a panel of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), ranging from Brigade Commanders through First Sergeants. More than 80 years of experience.

    Our SMEs Share with You:

    • Their unique and specific lessons learned for each counseling scenario.
    • What regulations cover a specific counseling requirement?
    • Who should conduct the counseling?
    • When should the counseling occur?


    50 of the Most Frequently Requested Counseling Templates Including: Reception and Integration, Magic Counseling (Standard Derogatory), Missed Appointment, Failure to Report, Loss of Sensitive Item, Indebtedness, Negligent Weapons Discharge, Underage Drinking, Improper Relationship, APFT, Overweight, Mental Health Referral, Pregnancy, Initial, Monthly, and Quarterly Counselings and Many More!

    62 Frequently Asked Counseling Questions Including: Can a Soldier secretly record a counseling session? Should I refuse to sign a counseling statement? How do I make sure my side of the story is told during the counseling session? What do I do if a Soldier refuses to sign a counseling statement? What does the term “disagree” mean on a counseling form? Can I backdate a counseling statement? Can I be counseled for not answering my phone? Can email be used to document counseling sessions? And many more!

    Learn How to:

    • Correctly fill out the DA FORM 4856 Counseling Form
    • Think through leadership and counseling issues impacting today’s Soldiers.
    • Properly and thoroughly prepare for a counseling session.
    • Identify regulatory and spontaneous counseling requirements.
    • Use our “proprietary” Counseling Checklist—ensuring you are properly prepared for 99.9% of counseling situations.

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