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    Every individual and organization needs to learn to think Critically and Solve Problems! The trouble is there is very little information on how to develop and apply this approach to problem solving.

    Look no further—this book solves that problem and will open your mind to the concepts of Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. It will change your decision-making process and help you identify key facts, distractors, misinformation, attempts to manipulate your opinions and actions, and much more. Apply the lessons learned in this guide and learn how to think independently and solve complex problems.

    Become the critical thinker and problem-solver in your organization!

    In today’s fast-paced environment, every day is a barrage of information meant to inform or persuade our opinion. Critical thinking is a REQUIREMENT in today’s world of internet and social media, which drives a constant stream of news, opinions, and misinformation across our screens every day. Learn to focus on what matters.

    Learn How to:

    • How to lead using critical thinking.
    • Identify flawed reasoning and logical fallacies.
    • Become an independent thinker and avoid “group think”.
    • Take the emotion out of the issue.
    • Avoid being manipulated by the media you consume.
    • Turn your daily news source into a critical thinking exercise.
    • Apply lessons derived from your decision-ma king process.
    • Create innovated solutions to complex problems.
    • Understand how statistics are used, developed, and applied to manipulate your decision-making process.

    Stop being manipulated and start making informed decisions! Critical thinking is a requirement in today’s society. Without it, you are just another cog in the wheel of life.

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