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    This handbook is designed to aid you in providing critical life-saving care on the battlefield. By understanding and applying the TTP’s of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) you are making a Life Saving difference. TCCC helps ensure you have the knowledge and technical competence to render care on the battlefield.

    On the battlefield, you must provide care while under hostile fire, often working in the dark with multiple casualties and limited equipment. You must also be able to contend with long evacuation times, as well as tactical maneuvering during your efforts to render care.

    Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) was developed in 1996 by Special Operations Forces. TCCC guidelines are evidence-based and battlefield-proven to reduce deaths at the point of injury. US Forces and NATO allies require TCCC training for deploying forces because it combines effective tactics and medicine, teaches first responders to treat casualties in the proper order, and to treat the most critical situations first. These TCCC guidelines incorporate battlefield lessons learned.


    • TCCC Overview
    • Hemorrhage Control
    • Airway Management
    • Breathing Management
    • Vascular Access
    • Hypothermia Prevention
    • Tactical Field Care Basic Management Plan
    • TCCC Phases of Care
    • TCCC Medical Equipment
    • MARCH/PAWS Treatment Algorithms
    • TCCC for Non-Medical Personnel
    • TCCC Medical Provider Training
    • TCCC Card
    • TCCC After Action Report
    • Medical Triage Categories
    • Medical Evacuation Precedence Categories
    • 9-Line Request With MIST Report
    • Prolonged Field Care
    • Drug Reference Guide
    • Medical Transition Guidelines in a Tactical Environment
    • Medical Planning Functions
    • TCCC Background
    • References

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