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    This handbook combines several key elements of Army MDMP doctrine and combines it with observations from deployments and CTC rotations to provide an overall MDMP reference that can be used by junior leaders.

    MDMP allows leaders to develop solutions to real world problems. It provides a structured process that helps the staff produce a highly coordinated plan. Leaders must monitor, track, and aggressively seek out important information relevant to their functional area. The staff must then incorporate the new information into their planning process.

    When leaders are unfamiliar with the steps of the MDMP process, they can make critical errors early in the process. These errors will become imbedded in your solution and become increasingly problematic as the process continues. Reduce your error rate and increase your success rate by understanding how to properly implement the MDMP process and the lessons learned contained in this handbook.


    • Army Design Methodology
    • Military Decision-Making Process
    • Receipt of Mission
    • Mission Analysis
    • Course of Action Development
    • Course of Action Analysis
    • Course of Action Comparison
    • Course of Action Approval
    • Assessments
    • Operations Order
    • Rehearsals
    • Terminology
    • References

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