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    A comprehensive guide that unlocks the secrets of successful military writing in easy-to-read style. It will coach you through the ins and outs of routine military writing from memorandums, evaluations, award recommendations, and briefings to thank you notes, letters of recommendation, and news releases. Rusin makes the points memorable with humor and stories from experience. Impressive words, lead-in phrases, examples, tools, and references are all here in concise form.

    With this as your go-to guide, you will discover how to impress your boss with your writing, who to network with, and how to save time and avoid unnecessary work and frustration. Military Writing will give you the confidence and knowledge to complete any writing task that comes your way with the classic response, “No sweat—can do easy!”

    • Writing the Document
    • Corrections and Rewrites
    • Writing Tools
    • Military Style Guide
    • Use of Capital Letters
    • Punctuation
    • Counselling Statements
    • Award Recommendations
    • Performance Evaluations
    • Memorandum and Reports
    • Briefing
    • Personal Biography
    • Civilian Writing
    • Request for a Congressional Inquiry
    • News Release
    • Impressive Words

    “Practical and straightforward tips to becoming a better military writer. This book provides a wealth of examples covering a broad range of military writing scenarios and should become part of your military reference library.”
    —Lieutenant Commander T.J. Fitzgerald, US Navy, Retired

    “This book should be on every military leader’s desk! COL Rusin does what the military fails to do: teach leaders how to write everything from counseling statements to NCOERs.”
    —Bronston Clough Former Captain, US Army Ranger, Author of “Get Tabbed”

    “Hands down, this book is the most engaging and informative guide on military writing. When I was a battalion S1, I was often stumped on the right words to use on certificates and awards. Through step-by-step guidance and real-world examples, the author provides readers with a clear methodology to quickly and thoughtfully create content. Now as a public affairs officer, I can use this guide to find the perfect words for correspondence, and quickly check for proper punctuation and grammar.”
    —First Lieutenant Emily O’Neill, Army National Guard

    “In today’s age of information and efficiency, accurate communication is critical to one’s mission and one’s career. This book provides the necessary tools for leaders to communicate in a clear and concise manner. This guide will assist you in creating a successful message with emphasis on communicating with military leaders.”
    —Command Sergeant Major, John J. Perry, US Army Reserve Retired

    “Perfect for writing evaluations, awards, memorandums, reports, briefings, news releases, Congressional Inquiries, and much more! Regardless of your service, no matter your grade—Officer or Enlisted—this is the desktop writing reference for military professionals.”
    —Command Sergeant Major, Mark S. Gerecht, US Army Retired, Author of The Mentor

    “Outstanding tool for any Officer or NCO! Where was this book when I was on active duty? Save time, energy and increase your efficiency. A great addition to your personal military reference library.”
    —Technical Sergeant Bernard Duckett, US Air Force, Retired

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