Muddy Boots Leadership: Real Life Stories and Personal Examples of Good, Bad, and Unexpected Results

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    Real Life Stories and Personal Examples of Good, Bad, and Unexpected Results.

    John Chapman is a longstanding observer and chronicler of leadership events. In "Muddy Boots" he describes 285 military leadership situations and the actions leaders have taken to meet the issue at hand. The leadership lessons learned and relearned by military leaders are applicable to a wide variety of organizations, both civil and military. Many are truly surprising; all are written with a certain "spark" that those in leadership positions will immediately understand. The test is augmented with some truly classic side bars.

    All the services agree that the leadership principles "know yourself, know your job, and set the example" are imperatives for leadership.

    As you read through this book, you will find numerous examples of leader actions and decisions—some are humorous, some tragic. Many are examples of good leadership, others of not so good leadership, and some actions that caused quite unexpected results. Use the examples as a guide to your future actions, regardless of whether you are a commissioned officer, a warrant officer, a noncommissioned officer, or a solder, airman, sailor, marine, or civilian who aspire to leadership.

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