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    This bundle contains the essentials of any officer in the U.S. Army.

    Contains must-read titles for any Junior Officer, and great references for Senior Officers. Also a makes for great educational titles for Senior NCOs.

    Company Command: The Bottom Line (Updated Edition):

    NEW! 2017 Edition Release! Company Command is the most demanding job in the Army. It’s the toughest job you’ll have as a captain, one of the toughest jobs you’ll have during your career. Command can be lonely. But remember, you weren’t selected to be a company commander to win a popularity contest. The Army selected you because you’ve shown you’re a leader who has potential and can complete the mission.

    Mechanics of Company Command:

    Mechanics of Company Command gives a "nuts and bolts" perspective of company operations for the Army professional. Designed for both pre-command captains and lieutenants, this book provides junior officers with the real, "been there" knowledge and wisdom to successfully manage a company.

    Young Officer Guide:

    Guidebook for the Young Officer is LTC (R) Frank Caravella's little red book of Army Leadership secrets. Caravella guides junior leaders from their first days as officers in the United States Army up to a battery or company command and beyond. How do you assimilate into your first unit? How do you determine your commander's expectations? How do you make a positive impact and steadily move through the ranks? The Guidebook provides thoughtful insight and proven principles that work. Reading this book is a great first step for any company grade officer who wants to improve his or her leadership potential. Caravella doesn't just explain how to fulfill your occupation as an officer, but how to take on your future as a leader.

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