Patton's One Minute Messages: Tactical Leaderships Skills for Business Managers

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Patton's One-Minute Messages

Tactical Leadership Skills for Business Managers

This collection of George S. Patton's pithy one-liners shows how business managers can succeed by applying the combat-tested principles of one of America's most famous battlefield leaders. General Patton was a professional soldier who spent his life inspiring people to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Now managers can use his secrets to motivate their employees. The author takes brief quotations from Patton's writings and draws the deep inner philosophy from them. This way, managers can easily grasp the principles involved and make practical use of them to get great performance and productivity from their employees.

The book also presents the work of W. Edwards Deming and Walter A. Shewhart, two pioneers in quality control who have influenced management practice for over fifty years. Their philosophy is very similar to Patton's—which is not surprising, since the fundamental principles of both military leadership and business management are universal. Format: Paperback (96 Pages)

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