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    The Ranger Medic Handbook is a comprehensive guide that is used by the Ranger battalion to treat and care for the wounded. It is a comprehensive guide designed to ensure the best possible care for our Soldiers on the battlefield.

    This manual was compiled by Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields.

    A perfect guide for Combat Medics, Combat Lifesavers, and Soldiers that want to become proficient in emergency medical protocol.

    Learn what to treat first and how to treat it
    Never get caught off guard with a medical emergency
    Become the Medical Subject Matter Expert in your unit


    Some of the protocols taught Include:

    • Tactical Triage
    • Tactical Trauma Assessment
    • Hemorrhage Management
    • Blast Injury Assessment
    • Seizure Management
    • Patient Evacuation Handoff
    • CBRN Protocols
    • Burn Protocols
    • Behavioral Emergency Management
    • Field Pharmacy Protocols
    • How to Treat Various Viral and Bacterial Infections
    • Sports Medicine
    • Canine Medicine
    • Medical Planning Procedures
    • Casualty Collection Point
    • Hazardous Training Medical Coverage
    • Packing Lists
    • Associated References
    • And Much Much More!

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