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    Learn from over 40 years of combined Infantry, Ranger, and Special Forces Experience. Written by a former ranger instructor, and retired 5th Special Forces Group CSM.

    This bundles includes 2 great titles covering the most basic elements of patrolling, to the advanced tactics used by Special Forces.

    Ranger Patrolling Guide will teach you all you need to know about:

    • Formations & Movement
    • Warning Orders
    • Crossing Danger Areas
    • Patrol Base Operations
    • Jungle Considerations
    • Desert Considerations
    • Mounted Operations
    • Patrol Doctrine: Principles, Recon, Combat

    Special Operations: Advanced Patrolling will teach you all you need to know about:

    • Infiltration/ Exfiltration Techniques
    • How to break out of an encirclement
    • Use of senses on patrol
    • Use of UAV’s to support patrol
    • Tracking and Counter-tracking
    • How to snatch an EPW
    • The Australian Peel

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