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    Army Board Pocket Study Guide & Career Progression Guide

    This manual is applies to all Officers, NCOs, and Soldiers. A serious force multiplier when it comes to expanding your knowledge base and solving problems.

    Career Progression Guide:

    We have done the hard work for you by condensing all the relevant and important information into digestible questions and answers. This reference will

    • Help you become a Subject Mater Expert in your unit
    • Allow you to Coach, Mentor and Train your Soldiers
    • Provide you with the necessary information to solve problems at the lowest level
    • Ensure you know the applicable reference for each subject area
    • Train you to become a problem solver by understanding and applying the knowledge in this manual.

    Study Guide:

    • As a board preparation study guide this is the most comprehensive pocket edition on the market.
    • Perfect for promotion and Soldier/NCO of the quarter and year boards.
    • Contains:
      • Approximately 133 topics
      • Approximately 1600 questions
      • Contains additional subject areas to expand your knowledge beyond the standard subject areas
      • New content includes: List out the subject areas already on the old back cover
    • Spend a few minutes each day reviewing these important topics and you will be identified as a knowledgeable and proactive leader
    • Smoking the Board Career Progression guide will build and grow you as a leader and help ensure you stand out among your peers

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