Special Operations: Advanced Patrolling Special Operations: Advanced Patrolling Special Operations: Advanced Patrolling Special Operations: Advanced Patrolling Special Operations: Advanced Patrolling

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    Every Soldier dreams about conducting a night HALO jump onto a target building to snatch a High Value Target. In this book a retired 5th Special Forces Group CSM takes you through how to conduct many of the Advanced Special Operations techniques taught to our most elite Soldiers from snatching an EPW to conducting Special Reconnaissance.

    The book also contains tips and tricks for foot care, packing your rucksack, and advanced weapons maintenance. Every Soldier from Infantry to Special Operations can learn from this book. It should be mandatory reading at the 75th Ranger Regiment and every Special Forces Group!

    Learn Everything You Need to Know About:

    • Infiltration/ Exfiltration Techniques
    • How to break out of an encirclement
    • Use of senses on patrol
    • Use of UAV’s to support patrol
    • Tracking and Counter-tracking
    • How to snatch an EPW
    • The Australian Peel


    • Tips from Project Delta, MACV-SOG, LRRP’s, and 5th SFG(A)
    • Over 40 years combined Infantry, Ranger, and Special Forces experience
    • Tips, tricks, and lessons learned from Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan
    • Advanced Patrolling Techniques
    • Advanced weapons preparation and care

    What Others are Saying...

    Possessing years of hard won lessons on the art of patrolling, the Cloughs are uniquely qualified to teach the advanced skills necessary to patrol deep behind enemy lines. A must read for all Soldiers, from Infantry to Special Operations. —Craig Mullaney, Author of The New York Times Bestseller The Unforgiving Minute

    In keeping with Winston Churchill’s prophetic comment that ‘Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it’, Winston & Bronston Clough’s guide makes modern Soldiers keenly aware of the TTP’s practiced and honed by the specially trained reconnaissance teams in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. —COL(R) Michael Stoneham, Ph.D., Special Forces

    This book provides a single source for military professionals of all branches to derive practical lessons-learned from decades of relevant patrolling expertise. I have never seen anything this comprehensive… Whether you are an experienced warrior looking to hone your knowledge, or training your Soldiers or Marines before a deployment, this guide will help prepare you and your unit to cross the LD. —COL(R) Dave Jesmer, U.S. Army Special Forces

    Two proven combat veterans share two generations of actual experience on patrolling and weapons… It should be mandatory for every combat arms leader to have this book in their professional library. Without it, they are doing a great injustice to the Soldiers they lead. —LTC(R) Jack Pirrie, SOCCENT

    The Clough family has done it again! This book is a vault of lesser-taught tips for survival on patrol. It teaches time-honored concepts such as how to properly care for the feet—which in the modern age is a lost art, where most Soldiers are reliant on gimmick products. The rucksack and load bearing equipment advice are key to successful back country excursions. —Lee Dingman, U.S. Army Ranger

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