The Army NCO's Guide to Mentoring

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    Are you a military officer looking to maximize the potential of your team? Do you want to guide, motivate, and inspire your subordinates to become the best they can be? The Army Officer's Guide to Mentoring provides you with all the essential tools and techniques to become an effective mentor and leader.


    • How to successfully build relationships
    • Create an environment of trust
    • How to motivate your team to reach their goals


    • How to develop a plan for effective communication
    • Provide constructive feedback
    • Use problem-solving strategies to manage difficult situations
    • How to gain practical advice on managing time and resources
    • How to build team unity, and setting expectations
    • The Difference between Coaching and Mentoring
    • Psychosocial Functions of Mentoring
    • Role Modeling—Who Do You Want to Be?

    Contains Information on:

    • Mentoring Phases
    • Mentoring Functions
    • Mentoring Norms and Benefits
    • Formal and Informal Mentoring
    • Going outside your comfort zone
    • Poor Performers
    • The Exterior Façade
    • Violation of Rules
    • And More!

    The Army Officer's Guide to Mentoring is the ultimate resource to help you build an effective team and lead with confidence. With valuable insights and real-world examples, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to become a successful Army leader.

    Become the Go-To Mentor in your unit!

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