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    The Trainer is a military training guide based on Army doctrine and over 25 years of military training experience. It was designed to help leaders at the Squad, Platoon, and Company level to develop meaningful and realistic training that will teach your Soldiers critical thinking skills.

    Designed by Army Leaders for Army Leaders and is structured to reinforce training doctrine but more importantly it is designed to motivate leaders to teach critical thinking in tactical situations. It provides numerous ideas in how to structure training that is meaningful and challenging.

    Author Mark Gerecht discusses a principle he calls “Train to Failure” this unique approach to training provides Soldiers insight into critical thinking and how to solve real world problems in a tactical environment

    The Trainer teaches Small unit leaders how to develop training that is both challenging and realistic. It goes beyond standard training methods and encourages Leaders to develop real world training that is realistic, tough, and inspires Soldiers to reach deep inside themselves to ensure mission success.

    The Trainer:

    • Encourages training innovation
    • Motivates Soldiers to excel
    • Develops problem solving skills
    • Teaches time management and critical thinking

    Critical Thinking Tools:

    • Designed to help you think through and evaluate issues in a methodical process.
    • Problem solving question matrix increases solution accuracy and helps ensure you have covered all requirements.

    Discover how to:

    • Properly plan, develop, and execute training
    • Conduct a mission analysis
    • Certify leaders and trainers
    • Plan, prepare, and execute Lane Training
    • Conduct a unit training assessment
    • Conduct a focused training meeting
    • Properly conduct an After Action Review
    • Plan, develop, prepare, and evaluate an METL matrix
    • Voice your concerns, opinions, complaints, and be heard


    • METL to Collective Tasks Evaluation Matrix
    • Over 100 training ideas
    • Training scenarios designed around real-world events
    • Collective to Individual Tasks Evaluation Matrix
    • Information on preparing and executing the ACFT
    • Physical training ideas to keep the unit motivated and physical fit
    • Reference section contains a comprehensive list of GTAs and TCs

    Innovative and thought-provoking training ideas on:

    • Adventure
    • CBRN
    • Driver’s Training
    • Family Readiness
    • Financial Training
    • First Aid
    • Land Navigation
    • Maintenance
    • Missions Other Than War
    • Physical Fitness
    • Professional Development
    • Safety
    • School Training
    • Survival
    • Tactical Training
    • UCMJ
    • Weapons
    • WTBD

    Includes the following Tactical Checklists (Includes Downloadable Version):

    • Army Schools
    • Convoys
    • Defensive Planning
    • Deployment
    • Important Documents
    • Mask Removal
    • Movement PCI
    • Ranges
    • Safety
    • Survival
    • UXO
    • Weapon Characteristics

    Blank Documents (Includes Downloadable Version)

    • After Action Review
    • Family Readiness Group Questionnaire
    • Proposed Training Worksheet
    • Training Meeting Agenda

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