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    Training for Urban Operations is the perfect resource to sharpen your skills and gain the confidence necessary to succeed in any challenging urban environment. This comprehensive guide provides the essential tactics and techniques for urban operations, including: Methods for controlling and engaging enemy forces, Strategies for navigating complex urban terrain, Techniques for operating in close quarters, Tips for coordinating with other forces, Advice for dealing with civilians in urban areas, Guidance for mitigating the effects of urban combat, And much more! 

    Learn the basics of urban warfare training:

    • Training Strategy
    • Training Phases
    • Urban Assault Course
    • Shoot House
    • Breach Facility
    • Prerequisite Training

    How to properly conduct training using the Crawl, Walk, Run methodology.
    How to set up and run an Urban Assault Course.

    Contains Information on:

    • Shoot Houses
    • Breach Facilities
    • Combined Arms Collective Training Facilities
    • Opposing Forces
    • Precision Marksmanship Training
    • Various Scenarios
    • Limited Visibility Training
    • Navigation
    • Concurrent Training

    Training for Urban Operations is an invaluable resource for any tactical operator. It's the perfect way to stay ahead of the competition and ensure success on the battlefield. Get your copy today and start training like the pros! 

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