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    Urban Operations is the essential field manual for anyone looking to succeed in urban 
    combat. This book provides a comprehensive look at the tactics, techniques, and procedures for operating in an urban environment. With detailed descriptions of how to move, shoot, and communicate in an urban setting, it is an invaluable resource for any Soldier. 


    • The specifics of the urban environment: Terrain, Population, and Infrastructure
    • To understand urban operations and why they are necessary
    • How urban warfare impacts the warfighting functions and tactical operations


    • How to employ:
    • Urban Offensive Operations
    • Urban Defensive Operations
    • Urban Stability Operations
    • Large Scale Combat Operations


    • Offensive Urban Operations Scenario
    • Defensive Urban Operations Scenario
    • Stability Operations Scenario
    • Urban Operations Training

    Written by experienced military personnel, this manual applies the latest technologies and weapons to urban operations. It also provides valuable insights into the psychological and cultural aspects of urban warfare. With its comprehensive approach to urban combat, this manual is the perfect guide for any Soldier looking to excel in urban warfare.

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