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    From the creators of the Wear It Right! guidebooks, comes the greatest thing to happen to your next inspection. Everyone wants to look good in their dress uniforms. Unfortunately, even the shiniest insignias won't impress your superiors if they're in the wrong spot. That's why we created this wallet-sized tool to help you position your devices, medals, and ribbons as accurately and neatly as possible.

    This handy tool is made from a durable translucent plastic, so you can see the actual measurements imposed on top of your uniform. Gold markings on the tool help the measurements stand out against dark or light fabrics. The tool itself is as small as a credit card so you can carry it with you wherever you go. It contains all the most important measurements for insignia, ribbons, medals, and nametags for all military and civil services . Combine that with the 3 3/8 inch ruler across the edge and you have yourself a Swiss Army Knife for all your uniform needs.

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