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    "The best book on military training from platoon to division level that has been published in any army."—Army Magazine

    A Working Philosophy for Leaders with a good in depth look at training, with a direct, no-nonsense approach. Provides instruction for leadership, education, and training within resource constrained environments. While branded for the military, this guide contains information vital to leadership and training for any workforce, civilian or military. Covers virtually all aspects to training in 22 short, practical chapters.

    Table of contents includes:

    • A philosophy of training,
    • common excuses for inadequate training,
    • What Happened?
    • Where did we go astray?
    • Maintenance and training,
    • who is responsible for what,
    • training management,
    • training yourself and the chain of command,
    • unit schools,
    • situational training,
    • training tips,
    • individual training in units,
    • crew training,
    • small unit training,
    • large unit training,
    • combat arms training,
    • competition,
    • testing,
    • and inspections,
    • physical training and sports programs,
    • reserve component training,
    • quality of personnel and personnel actions,
    • leadership/training,
    • advice for and about Generals,
    • fighting qualities,
    • National Will and training.

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