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    Is this your 1st Battalion/Brigade Staff assignment?
    Have you served on Battalion/Brigade previously?

    Lessons Learned in Battalion/Brigade Staff is a no nonsense, methodical approach to BATTLE STAFF OPERATIONS. This guide helps you zero in on the important aspects of being a leader in the world of Staff operations. Knowing doctrine is not enough. You must know how, when, and where to apply it.

    You can only do that by understanding someone else’s mistakes! Lessons Learned in Battalion/Brigade Staff does just that by applying real world lessons learned.

    Staff Operations is all understanding unintended consequences.

    A Comprehensive Guide:

    • Develops Critical Thinking Skills.
    • Compiled by Leaders with battle-proven experience in staff operations from multiple perspectives: Senior Enlisted, Company Grade, and Field Grade Officers.
    • Understand the Operational Environment, influence command decisions, and shape the fight!
    • Quickly bridge the knowledge gap and hit the ground running.
    • Navigate the complex terrain between staff sections, unit level leaders, and the commander.
    • Focuses on real world lessons learned.
    • Learn from those who have already made the mistakes.
    • Gain insight into the art of synchronizing staff operations.


    • The roles of the Staff Officer and Staff Noncommissioned Officer
    • How to become an effective member of a unit staff
    • How to translate your line unit experience into exceptional staff work that will save time, effort, money, and—more importantly—lives
    • How to delegate effectively and become a master of time management


    • Unintended Consequences and their 2nd/3rd Order effect on the Commander’s Intent, Mission Accomplishment, etc.
    • How Staff Operations can impact Political, Economic, and Cultural issues
    • The impact of un-synchronized staffing and how to take appropriate action

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