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    No one said it would be easy, and it sure as heck isn’t. Leadership can be one of the most demanding roles you can fill in the Army. Its as much of an art as it is a science, and don’t count on anyone explaining it to you.

    We created this guide to highlight some of the most difficult leadership challenges you’ll face, and provide easy-to-follow solutions and answers. The Q&A style approach to this book is taken directly from the most asked leadership questions we’ve received directly from Army Leaders. CSM (R) Mark Gerecht, shares 26 years of experience and doctrinal expertise to answer the most pressing questions for today’s Army Leaders.

    Answers to 122 of the most asked and misunderstood leadership questions? Including:

    • How should I conduct corrective training? (the ins and out of corrective training)
    • Can you record a counseling session?
    • Can you order a Soldier to sign a counseling statement?
    • How do you tell your side of the story in a counseling session?
    • Should you refuse to sign a counseling statement?
    • Can a Soldier Be Required to Sign a Counseling Statement While on Medication?
    • How should you deal with Toxic Leadership?
    • Does the assessment portion of the counseling form have to be filled out for the counseling statement to be complete?
    • Can a leader order me to make coffee or go get their food?
    • Can I inspect a Soldier’s off post living quarters?
    • How Do I Correct a Soldier Who Has Poor Hygiene?

    Leaders are ultimately charged with teaching Soldiers responsibility to accomplish the missions. We have all struggled with the “5 percent” who consistently don’t meet the standards. CSM(R) Gerecht shares his direct personal experiences and an extensive knowledge of leadership and training, making this a “must have” for those committed to getting the most out of their Soldiers and teaching them how to reach their full potential. —COL (R) Ronald Isom

    After serving for more than 20 years, in a multiple of leadership positions we finally have a book that shares valuable solutions for the leaders that need it the most! A great resource that meets the needs of today’s military leader. —SGM Stephanie Owens, Joint Support Group Senior Enlisted Leader

    This book answers the questions many leaders are faced with on a daily basis. It uses real life situations many of which I encountered during my career. —MSG (R) Daniel Bains, U.S. Army Reserve

    This book is an exceptional resource that will prevent leaders from falling into leadership traps, creating a hardship for the leader and their Soldiers. I highly recommend this book for any leader! —MSG Dawna Brown, U.S. Army National Guard

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