Lessons Learned: Squad Leader Lessons Learned: Squad Leader Lessons Learned: Squad Leader Lessons Learned: Squad Leader Lessons Learned: Squad Leader

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    Becoming a Squad Leader is the first major step in leading Soldiers. It is the stepping stone to becoming a platoon sergeant and it is the most important job in the Army. As a Squad Leader you make things happen! You are the first leadership link to the Soldier. What you do or fail to do impacts the Soldier, their family, and the unit’s mission. These are tried and tested lessons learned that will set you apart from your peers.

    Knowing doctrine is not enough. You must know how, when, and where to apply it. This guide does just that by applying real world lessons learned. Use the Subject Matter Expertise contained in this guide to build and grow yourself to become one of the best Squad Leaders in the unit. This book will help prepare you to execute the duties and responsibilities associated with the position of Squad Leader and prepares you to be a better leader. More importantly it will help you focus on mentoring your Soldiers; to become the future leaders of this nation.


    • What actions you should take prior to assuming the duties and responsibilities of Squad Leader.
    • What actions you should take within the first 30 days of assuming the role of a Squad Leader.
    • What your Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Soldiers want and don’t want in a Squad Leader.
    • How and when to conduct an inspection.
    • How to achieve a higher level of performance and awareness as a
    • Squad Leader.
    • What is expected upon arrival at your unit.
    • How to Coach squad members to reach their fullest potential.
    • Simple applications to build a cohesive team.
    • To develop counselings and prepare support forms.
    • How to establish and build relationships within your unit.


    • Actions that require your immediate attention.
    • Actions to take when considering a relief for cause report.
    • How to complain and get results.
    • How to think critically and solve problems.
    • How to avoid Article 15s and use revocation of privileges to correct substandard performance.

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