Mechanics of Company Command Mechanics of Company Command Mechanics of Company Command Mechanics of Company Command Mechanics of Company Command

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    Mechanics of Company Command gives a "nuts and bolts" perspective of company operations for the Army professional. Designed for both pre-command captains and lieutenants, this book provides junior officers with the real, "been there" knowledge and wisdom to successfully manage a company.

    From interviews with battalion commanders to the final change-of-command inventory, Mechanics of Company Command covers the complete life-cycle of experiences all commanders face. In this era of force reductions and "up or out" career choices, no company grade officer should go without the best tools for their profession. Those looking to expand on their initial Army education will find many of their answers in Mechanics of Company Command.


    • Management Basics
    • Finding a Command
    • Preparing for a Command
    • Change of Command Inventory
    • Administration
    • Resource Management
    • Developing Soldiers
    • Building Discipline
    • Training Management
    • Best Practices
    • Preparing for the Transition

    What other's are saying:

    Mechanics of Company Command will absolutely prepare a young officer to master all management requirements needed to achieve efficiency in his/her company. This is the most detailed how-to book of its kind and includes best practices, examples, and lessons learned. This book should be mandatory reading for anyone assuming command of a company—it is that good! —John G. Meyer, Jr. MG (Ret) U.S. Army

    Prior to grasping that guidon from the Battalion Commander, the newly minted company commander must read Mechanics of Company Command! This book is filled with common sense approaches to the challenges facing new Commanders. Where was this book when I assumed Company Command in 1979? —LTG(R) James Pillsbury

    Mechanics of Company Command shows us that there is no one prescription for success, but there are tenets to enable prospective and current Company Commanders to succeed. Every Officer and Senior NCO should read this book and apply its sage and sound advice. Once read, it should be kept within arm’s reach. —COL(R) Ronald Isom

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