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    The Military Writing Bundle covers all your writing essential needs!

    Military Writing: The New Leader's Guide

    A comprehensive guide that unlocks the secrets of successful military writing in easy-to-read style. It will coach you through the ins and outs of routine military writing from memorandums, evaluations, award recommendations, and briefings to thank you notes, letters of recommendation, and news releases. Rusin makes the points memorable with humor and stories from experience. Impressive words, lead-in phrases, examples, tools, and references are all here in concise form.

    With this as your go-to guide, you will discover how to impress your boss with your writing, who to network with, and how to save time and avoid unnecessary work and frustration. Military Writing will give you the confidence and knowledge to complete any writing task that comes your way with the classic response, “No sweat—can do easy!”

    • Writing the Document
    • Corrections and Rewrites
    • Writing Tools
    • Military Style Guide
    • Use of Capital Letters
    • Punctuation
    • Counselling Statements
    • Award Recommendations
    • Performance Evaluations
    • Memorandum and Reports
    • Briefing
    • Personal Biography
    • Civilian Writing
    • Request for a Congressional Inquiry
    • News Release
    • Impressive Words

    Appraisals, Ratings & Reviews for Servicemembers and Civilians

    This is an excellent performance evaluation tool. Conducting performance evaluations is an important responsibility of every supervisor. Employees deserve to know where they stand in the eyes of your organizations' leadership. If done intelligently, this process can foster honest communication between employees and supervisors and help create a stronger team by encouraging professional growth.

    Appraisals, Ratings & Reviews for Servicemembers and Civilians is an excellent investment for those who are charged with the responsibility to craft employee evaluations. ARR outlines a methodology for evaluating your workers and contains a bounty of example bullet comments. These examples are organized into 33 subject areas and they address all levels of performance.

    Not only does ARR cover everything you need to know about evaluations, but it also includes information about punctuation, numbers, and homonyms so you do not have to stop what you are doing to consult a cryptic style guide. Simply open the table of contents and flip directly to the information you need. What is the difference—if any—between an em dash and an en dash? Did you know that a suit may have been well made, but it is a well-made suit? A level of proficiency with the written word is expected of all leaders in a professional setting.

    Covers 33 performance areas:




    Administrative Duty



    Appearance & Bearing

    Environmental Awareness



    Equal Opportunity






    Fulfill Obligations

    Resource Management

    Conflict Resolution




    Human Resources

    Selfless Service

    Critical Thinking

    Information Technology


    Customer Service


    Time Management

    Deals with Pressure




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