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    “Like the word HOOAH, this book has many uses! It is a Guide, a Gift, and a GURU for all things Army Spouse!”
    —Kathleen Palmer. Army Spouse of 23 years

    “The Army Spouse Handbook is a comprehensive resource, relevant in our modern, technological age, for anyone who believes that our traditions matter and good manners arc always in style! With the help of this detailed book, you no longer have to wonder about things; you have a 'go to' place for the answers.”
    —Lynda MacFarland, Army Spouse of 34 years

    “What a fantastic guide for not only military spouses but for civilians as well! We have been out of the Army for over 30 years but much of this handbook can be applied to everyday civilian life/entertaining, and I look forward to dog-earring my personal copy. What a wonderful gift!”
    —Jennine Duelge

    “In the revised edition of The Army Spouse Handbook, Mrs. Crossley has taken timeless traditions and made them relevant for today's Army Spouses. I would encourage all Army Spouses to make this book an essential part of their 'toolbox' to help navigate the big adventure that is Army life! ”
    —Shand Mayville, Army Brat, Army Spouse, Army Mother. 57 years and counting

    “Do what you can to support the Team and don’t sweat the rest as there are always competing priorities. So, use The Army Spouse Handbook to help you navigate through the uncertain times.”
    —Brad Combs. 25 years active and 33 years as an Army Spouse

    “The Army Spouse Handbook is my go-to-guide! Like our nation's Army, this edition has adapted to changes in time and it provides great cultural tips for around the globe.”
    —Gretchen Escribano. former Soldier. Army Spouse. Army Mother. 35 years and counting

    “Wherever you are on this wonderful journey, remember be humble, provide hope to each other, and know that you are never alone, as through this book comes collected, consolidated knowledge that will walk with you as you continue onward.”
    —Holly Dailey. Army Spouse, 25 years

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